Maximum Games is a global full-service publisher that handles all levels of video game publishing and distribution across every genre and major platform. Since 2009, we have provided partners with an unmatched level of speed, service, expertise, and results without the bureaucracy of other large publishers.

We bring together a robust team comprised of industry veterans and passionate gamers with decades of experience, specializing in business management, sales, marketing and production. With a long-standing history of delivering beloved franchises around the world, we are the ideal publisher for any partner looking to get exceptional results across global markets.

Some of Our Partners



  • Consumer Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media
  • Influencers, Events, and Websites
  • Comprehensive Management of First Party
  • Relationships with Platform Partners
  • Creative Services & Asset Creation
  • Packaging, Manuals, and Promotional Materials
  • Retailer-Specific Marketing
  • Global Sales Strategy
  • Concept-to-Launch Game Production
  • Game Evaluation & Quality Assurance
  • Localization
  • Supply Chain & Logistics

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