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What’s in a name? The Meaning Behind Alekhine’s Gun

Posted on Sep 3, 2015

Alekhine’s Gun is a chess move named after Russian chess grandmaster, Alexander Alekhine, and the name draws many parallels in the game…some of which you will just have to discover as you play.

In the game you will play as Agent Alekhine, and much like a chess player, you must anticipate the moves of your opponents and stay one step ahead of them to carry out the most advanced missions without being detected.

The actual chess move known as Alekhine’s Gun is performed by creating a formation on the chess board whereby you stack your two rooks followed by your queen. This is known as “loading Alekhine’s gun.” In essence, this allows you to have three “shots” in a row.


As Agent Alekhine, you will be sent on various stealth missions to perform a variety of undercover operations. How will your techniques stack up?

  • Debt Collector

    Just to let you know that your chessboard is setup wrong. The bottom right-hand corner should be a light square. Also you may want to copy the example from Wikipedia diagram more accurately. There are a lot of mistakenly placed pieces and pawns in this example. Best Regards

    • MG_Andrew

      Hey, thanks for the catch! We actually did use the Wikipedia diagram. It was more a technical slip during the coloring process that switched the pawn colors. We didn’t know about the light square in the bottom-right though, so thank you for that as well. A fixed version should be going up soon!

  • Wolfram Galwoßus

    the movement between left and right always the same (every level from 1 to 10)……pleeeeeeaaase FIX IT its tooooo slow