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Lichdom Post E3 Recap

Posted on Jul 6, 2015 Game: Lichdom: Battlemage

E3 was a huge success for us here at Maximum Games! Hopefully you were able to come by and play both of our games, Lichdom: Battlemage and Alekhine’s Gun, and maybe even picked up some sweet swag!


We are very excited to be bringing these great games to you! E3 was a huge success, with a steady stream of gamers lining up to play our upcoming games. Everyone loved our swag, so much so that we quickly ran out of T-shirts.

In case you missed it, we also released a new trailer for Lichdom! Check it out here:

Pretty badass, huh? Development of this game is going great; we are making it in the CryENGINE 3 by Crytek, which is the same engine that Crysis 3 runs on, so this game is going to look beautiful. In the upcoming weeks we hope to have more to show you!