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DEAD ALLIANCE: Game Updates from Open Beta

Posted on Aug 7, 2017 Game: Dead Alliance

Hey zombie lovers!

We’d like to thank you for joining us in our Multiplayer Open Beta last month. We received a ton of great feedback throughout the Beta, and want to take this opportunity to give you an update on some improvements that we have in the works as we approach launch.

Here’s a list of the most frequent feedback we received, all of which we’ll be addressing for our release on August 29:

-Improved matchmaking

-Improved server lag

-Fixed framerates

-Added the ability to dynamically switch teams

-Better onboarding – e.g. in the Hideout you will have access to information on all the weapons and zMods and be able to customize your loadouts

-Added Localized voiceovers for battle chatter

-Numerous stability improvements

-Added more clear messaging when host disconnects from a game

-Implemented a variety of random bug fixes (you don’t really want to know all of these, do you?)

While we’re working aggressively to get all these updates done for August 29th, we’re not going to just stop there. Our goal is to continuously make the game as good as it can be. Here are some additional updates we are looking at for near-future patches:

-Switching console versions to dedicated servers, which will stop the games from going down when the host disconnects

-System for eliminating spawn camping (such as invulnerability on respawn)

-Increased gun “weightiness”


-Lower crouching

-Improved hit detection

-Yeah, there’s more…

As soon as we have dates for these additional updates we’ll let you know; for now, we’re going to focus on the improvements for our August 29 launch.

Thank you again for your continued support throughout Open Beta and beyond.  Feel free to leave us a note or more feedback in the comments section below.

We look forward to seeing you in-game on August 29!

-The Dead Alliance Team

For the latest updates on Dead Alliance, visit www.DeadAlliance.com and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • Womb Raider Gaming

    GREAT! looking forward to streaming the second it goes live.

  • the chat

    why is there no loadout option for survival? it seems like you’ve purposefully engineered to not be fun. I should be able to choose what weapons I take in to battle. period.

  • Trailmixer

    There needs to be a way to respec, rebuild, or re-level hideout upgrades. Because it is impossible to unlock all abilities, players are likely to unlock skills when they first start playing the game that later they wish they had not wasted skill points on, and instead dedicated the limited allocation to something more conducive to their play style.

  • Angel Sky

    4god sake fix the troghies list ..cause there is 6 troghies do not work or pops for me …please fix it as soon as possible

  • Mikerz

    absolute garbage needs loads more than fixes

    • DARK the noble

      the entire company needs to be fixed as this was a shitty rebrand with zero work done to it. its about as bad as a asset flip.

  • Vinnie Valdez

    Are you still supporting game? It’s like you’ve abandoned your fan base

    • DARK the noble

      They’ve only abandon their fans they disrespect them on a daily bases. Fans of this game if you can even call them that anymore get censored all the time especially on steam. if it wasn’t for the fact they couldn’t censor steam reviews they would have gotten away with it as the community knows that they censor that too in a facken heartbeat. They have had entire extra year for development that wasn’t shown at all to their fans and all they had to show for it was a shameless rebrand of a broken unfinished Game. In my book it would have been better if they didn’t come back, all after what they did, but i hope at the bottom of my heart just maybe the rebrand will make them go bankrupt. vinnie these are truly a special kind of people who don’t deserve your money. They have no honor.

      • Vinnie Valdez

        So I shouldn’t expect an update then? Glad I picked it up for only 10$ if that’s the case

        • DARK the noble

          this was the only update they had afterwards with zero word from them vinnie.

        • DARK the noble

          not until another year when they rebrand it again

  • Da-Star_X

    Update 1.02 does not fix the trophy bug on PS4. I have waited 3 months for this update and now it fix nothing . it is hopeless….

  • Phil

    Good Game, but still a Trophy Bug on PS4… got the 1000 Zombie Knife Kills but not the 100…

    • Roger Smith

      Can you PLEASE reset my stats!!!!. The “jack the ripper” (stab 100 zombies) trophy glitched on me after the patch. I got the “headless horseman”( stab 1000 zombie)trophy but It’s the last trophy I need for the platinum…… please please help me out. I did enjoy this game. Psn gamertag (SgtScarcrow187u) email: [email protected]

      • Marcio Delega

        Did they fix it?

        • Roger Smith

          Not yet

  • Paul Wofford Jr.

    Keep up the good work. Just found this game. Got my brothers playing. Framerates are still a little sketchy but this concept is grand.

  • Kenny

    U guys need new update

  • Kenny

    We need bigger maps

  • Kenny

    More gun

  • Kenny

    When are u guy working on a update

  • Kenny

    U took are money and ran