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Alekhine’s Gun is Available on Consoles Today!

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

Today marks the day Alekhine’s Gun hits consoles in North America! Those who have been waiting patiently can now experience the Cold War espionage game on PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One. The digital PC version launches globally on STEAM™ on March 11, 2016. In Europe and Latin America, the game will release in physical form on console (both territories) and PC (Europe only) later this month.

Thank you to all who have been supporting us in this venture. We hope you enjoy the game!

  • Bob

    Just had first attempt after AHG going live on xbox1 … I see there is no option to invert the Y axis .. Can this be included in next patch please !

  • VermithraxDagon

    I agree, there definitely needs an option to invert the Y axis! Hard to believe that it’s not included … it IS 2016, right? Also, dark or shadowed areas are way too dark, many places feel like you have to hug the walls just to find a door. Please fix, thanks. Otherwise, I’m really enjoying it – I LOVE stealth games, the Splinter Cell series is my absolute favorite. This one also reminds me of a PS2 game I loved back in the day called Commandos: Strike Force. If you’ve never played it, give it a try

  • AnnoyedConsumer

    Giving up support for a game you just released? Fix your achievements! People paid money for this. It’s 2016. You can’t just stop supporting a game 2 months after release.

  • Richard Howard

    Please fix the frame rate issues in troll and I for a ps4 game it plays badley frame rate wise when fighting enemy’s it slows down and even more so when ur fighting with the troll please sort this as I’d like to enjoy the game thank you