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Alekhine’s Gun Giveaway!

Posted on Oct 2, 2015

Today we release the first in a series of videos introducing the world to Alekhine’s Gun and giving those eagerly awaiting its arrival a deeper look into the complexity of this captivating stealth game. Releasing November 10th, Alekhine’s Gun takes place in various cities around the world, as Agent Alekhine works to derail a global conspiracy that could have devastating effects. Set in the 1960s Cold War era, Alekhine’s Gun features high-stakes gameplay where choice is placed in the player’s hands as you navigate through wide-open levels searching for clues and eliminating key conspirators.

Enjoy our new video and check back next week as the second video in this series kicks off a new giveaway of more exclusive Alekhine’s gun swag!

TO ENTER: Simply watch the video and answer this question on Twitter using #AlekhinesGunGiveaway: WHAT TWO GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES ARE AT WORK IN ALEKHINE’S GUN?

Follow Maximum Games on Twitter here where we will announce winners each week.